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As a member of Marin Charitable you are part of an organization which has played a crucial role in enriching the lives of children in our county for over 50 years.

To submit your application and dues securely online CLICK HERE or on the "APPLY ONLINE TODAY" button below. To print out an application and send your dues payment to our mailing address CLICK HERE.




In January 2015 the North Bay Business Journal wrote, “Businesses that focus on meeting the needs of children through individual gifts of time and money help not only
the nonprofits they support but themselves as well. It builds community, creates awareness and increases the overall
well-being of a region.”

Becoming a Sponsor of Marin Charitable is a great way for local businesses, private foundations and members of our community to invest in our organization and ensure its growth and sustainability. Sponsors are invited to underwrite our various events or we invite you to play a crucial role in impacting the lives of youth in Marin by participating in our newly launched 1000Strong, a matching fund program.

Click here to learn more about Sponsorship Levels



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Marin Charitable members love to host private parties!

Each party is sponsored by a few members who come together to put on a fun-filled event with a donation for attendance. Past events have included “Cocktails for a Cause,” “Kentucky Derby,” “Super Bowl,” and “Mamacita Margarita” parties.



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In 2015, Marin Charitable piloted member-initiated “Giving Circles” to build awareness and raise funds for our granting program. Giving Circles is a great way to fund – and friend – raise!

All you need to do is:


  • Identify 1-2 Marin Charitable members to help you create your Giving Circle. (Note: this is not a requirement. A MC member can start a Giving Circle on her own, though it’s always nice to work with a couple members/friends.)

  • Decide the appropriate setting for your Giving Circle. Would you prefer to host a coffee or tea? A cocktail party? A luncheon or a pot-luck dinner? Will you invite an intimate or already established group (like your book club) or host a bigger event?

  • Set your fundraising goal. Each Giving Circle that raises $1000 qualifies as a 1000Strong supporter.


If you are hosting a group who has the ability and desire to donate more, your Giving Circle may qualify as a matching donor. Giving Circles who raise $5,000 or more will have an opportunity to meet with our grantees either at the Grant Ceremony or visit a grantee at their site.

If you want to convene a Giving Circle to raise awareness of MC and the great work we do rather than as a fundraising event, that is fantastic too.


All MC members are encouraged to start a Giving Circle. If you are interested, please email us at Marin Charitable members will provide information, a format, and tips for making your Giving Circle fun – and a success!

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