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We'd Love To Meet You

I’ll admit it. The marketing has worked on me. When I first heard the date of our member Meet and Greet, May 4th, the first thing that came to mind was “May the Fourth Be With You,” the brilliant Star Wars marketing initiative and ‘Holiday’ established by Lucasfilm/Disney.

All kidding - and adorable visions of baby Yoda - aside, it occurred to me that I rather liked the sentiment: “May the Force Be With You.” It’s about empowerment, right? To me, it seems that empowerment might as well be sewn into the fabric of the multifaceted Marin Charitable quilt.

The organizations we support through our grants are empowered. The children who benefit from our grantees are further empowered to live their best lives. And ultimately, WE are empowered to make a difference. It’s a sort of beautiful feedback loop.

So, won’t you join us, bringing your empowered self to empower others? We’ll be meeting and greeting current and prospective members from 7 to 8 on Tuesday, (you guessed it) MAY FOURTH via Zoom. We’d love to see you there...and for anyone who mentions this blog post, I will gladly share my Yoda imitation.



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