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Member Spotlight: Kris McCarten, 2023 Grants Co-Chair

Kris and her husband Bill

Tell us about you and your family:

I live in Novato with Bill, my husband of nearly 55 years. I have a grown son and daughter and four teenage grandchildren who live near enough to visit frequently. I am a retired nurse who worked in San Francisco for 45 years spending the last 20 of those years in high-risk labor and delivery at California Pacific Medical Center.

What has your experience been as a Marin Charitable member?

I joined Marin Charitable in 2018, though I had been attending Floral Fling fundraisers prior to that. I started right off on the Grants Committee. At the time, I was so worried about the process of "interviewing" agencies. I think this past year working with Tuyen Bonneau has been the best experience for me as I got a bigger picture of what Marin non-profit agencies are all about. I hope I can be a part of another great year of grant-raising and giving.

What have you been up to lately?

Due to Covid our last cruise to Norway and the Baltics was canceled and refunded, but due to our relations with Russia, I do not expect to visit St. Petersburg any time soon. We are contemplating a trip to Spain instead!

I recently read "Lessons in Chemistry" by Bonnie Garmus. I can relate to the plight of women in the '50s and '60s, as our choices, at the time I entered college, were largely for a woman to become a teacher, nurse, secretary, or housewife!

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