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Spotlight: Barbara Cancilla, Parliamentarian

If you find a good group, why keep running around?

What motivated you to join Marin Charitable?

I've been president twice, and I have gotten so much out of it all of these years. So, when I moved to Northern California, I was starting a new family and teaching and I wanted to be more involved in my community. My friend happened to mention Marin Charitable; a charity that raises money for children, one that didn't require a lot of time and thirdly, one that sounded workable with my job as a teacher. I joined and it has been so rewarding - more than I've ever received from other organizations - so, I've been a member for more than 40 years! If you find a good group, why keep running around?

Which agency really touched you over the years?

Ok, this is it...and this is a little background for you. When I was president in 06, a group came to me mentioning that they were disturbed by the lack of activities after school. Many children were alone until their mom returned home from work. We did a fundraiser to focus on after school and weekend activities, and I felt really good about that. But, to name my favorite I cannot do. Each one of the organizations we support is extremely important to our teenagers in Marin Charitable.

What do you think is the largest challenge facing our youth today?

For teens, it depends on the teen itself, so that’s also tough to say. And that is why it is so important to assist as many as we can. One has problems at school, one at home. How about the ones who don’t even have a home?

I was talking with someone - a teacher - and she was telling me that the ones that are truly lost are the teens.

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