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Come Sit Next To Me

Well, hello dear reader. How’d you end up here? Are you a member of Marin Charitable, or did you perhaps stumble upon this page in a random search for something else?

No matter the reason, welcome. We are thrilled to see you here...because this blog is a new endeavor for us, so it’s likely you’re among the first to lay eyes on the thoughts we are just now starting to share. It’s also likely that you’re interested in helping children.

There’s a lot to say.

If you’re unfamiliar with Marin Charitable, I suppose the simplest way to describe ‘us’ is that we are a group of women who can’t bear the thought of any child suffering. I know. Doesn’t everyone feel that way? Likely yes, but obviously there are plenty of worthy causes...

...but (and) we, as a group, believe in supporting non profit organizations that support a wide variety of needs for the youth in Marin County. Everything from providing musical instruments to equine therapy to cooking classes have been supported by our grants program.

This has been going on for 60 years. Yep...long time. For six decades, women who understand they have enough to share have given time and resources to help children. Over that time, we have granted more than $2.85m, and in the last 11 years, we’ve supported more than 70K organizations.

We’re immensely proud to be able to help so many, and that’s why we’re here - we’re going to fluff up our feathers a little bit and strut our stuff right here. In the future, you’ll find event highlights, exciting milestones, member profiles, and grantee highlights. Care to join us? Check out our membership page here, or if you’re interested in applying for a grant, we are now accepting applications through July 15. Our application is here.

...and come back! We’ll be posting here as often as we can. No promises, though, because we are 100% volunteer around here...

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